Croydon was able to use the opportunity of being part of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools project to launch the training of ELSAs during the Summer term 2010. So far we have 20 trained ELSAs with 2 in each of 10 schools.

The current cohort found the training very informative and rewarding and it has had a positive impact upon both the confidence and status of those that are now ELSAs within their schools as well as upon the positive outcomes of the children they work with.

The ELSAs currently have half termly supervision in two locality based groups from Educational Psychologists Bob Tyler and Emma Coleman, who also delivered the training. The groups have bonded well and are a valuable resource and support to each other. There will be a further training session for the whole cohort with Sheila Burton, planned for the morning of November 25.

The positive feedback and requests from schools are such that we plan to begin the second round of training in January 2011 with the aid of Sheila Burton to launch this to the rest of the schools in Croydon that would not have be involved in the TAMHS project.