We currently have 41 ELSAs from 19 different schools plus 2 from the excellence cluster and 2 from the Plymouth Inclusion Education transitions (PIE) team.  Most of the staff are either Teaching Assistants or learning mentors.

We have set up a series of 14 half day training sessions which started in May 2010 and will run until March 2011. The training is provided predominantly by the TAMHS team although in some areas specialists have been brought in to deliver in their area of expertise. Trainees have started to use and develop their skills as ELSAs throughout the duration of the course and reflect on how it is going and to share their experiences reviewing what worked well and not so well!! The team also run Mental Health awareness training across all year groups in the tamhs schools and are looking to train the ELSAs to deliver these in the future, the team will co run these session with an ELSA in order to support them to feel competent to deliver these themselves.

The team will evaluate the effectiveness of the ELSA training and to consider how and to what effect the ELSA’s are being utilised in their schools.  The evaluation will also consider sustainability of ELSA’s post training and the role of supervision for ELSA’s.

The Plymouth TAMHS team consists of

Debbie Shotter – Educational Psychologist

Debbie Littler – Primary Mental Health Worker

Frederica Kemp – Team Secretary

Joanne Pearce – Primary Mental Health Worker

Amy Mowson – Project Manager

(from left to right: Amy Mowson, Jo Pearce, Debbie Shotter, Debra Littler)